1st Polish Yeast Conference, Rzeszow, June 17-19, 2020


University of Rzeszów

Institute of Biochemistry
and Biophysics

Polish Academy of Sciences


Dear Participant of the PYC1, 

Due to increased risk of coronavirus in Europe, the Polish government has cancelled all meetings and conferences in Poland for the next few weeks. The important information is that we still plan to organize the 1st Polish Yeast Conference, but the final date may be postponed. 
However, the situation is very unstable and therefore we would like to ask you to wait with booking your journey (plane, train, bus). Nonetheless, please continue registration via the conference website, but for now, refrain from making the fee payment. We will inform you about the situation as soon as we know more details.
Please remember that we are continuing to collect articles for the special issue of the Genes journal.  
Please find attached information about the issue.
(see Abstract section).

Sincerely yours, 
Best regards, 
Organizing Committee 
1st Polish Yeast Conference

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

Several Polish yeast researchers have put forward the idea to start an annual yeast conference which would help to gather together representatives of different Polish yeast groups from different Institutes and Universities working on various yeast organisms, including pathogenic and probiotic yeasts, and distinct fields, like yeast cell biology, molecular genetics, genomics and biotechnology. The planned action should help to establish new contacts, exchange experiences and initiate collaboration. The organizers of the sessions also could invite foreign colleagues which collaborate with Polish scientists to add international character to this national meeting.  
The Conference will bring also together experienced and young scientists. It will include several Plenary Lectures given by leading scientists from around the world, session talks of different duration, as well as poster presentations. The contest for the Best Poster presentation will be organized and the winner will be awarded with diplomas and prizes. The overall size of the conference is estimated as 100-130 participants. The official language of the conference is English.  
I hope that participants will be satisfied with both, scientific and social/cultural program of the conference. 

On behalf of the Organizers,

Andriy Sibirny, PhD, Professor 
Chair of the Organizing Committee